Robin Adams Cheeley: Excuse me if I don’t buy your faux concern


But the likes of House Minority Leader Kevin “I Believe the Big Lie” McCarthy and other male Republicans spewing such babble is exasperating.

“The regime that is taking power is one that routinely violates human rights, particularly the rights of women,” McCarthy said, calling the situation another Vietnam.

Excuse me? They are concerned that the Taliban might act like the G-O-P in the U-S-A?

These are the same conservative elected officials who will punish a woman and force her to carry the child of her rapist or her own sibling if she’s raped by her father.

This is the law in Texas, where no abortion can be performed after six weeks, about the same time most women realize they are pregnant. Since 85-90% of all abortions happen after six weeks, this law prohibits almost all procedures. And unlike other efforts to sidestep the Constitution, the Texas law deputizes average citizens to ensure compliance. Anybody can sue doctors, clinics or even the Uber driver who shuttles a pregnant woman to the doctor’s office. Winning the case could net $10,000. This brings a whole new meaning to the idea of a citizen’s arrest.

This is the law in Arkansas, where abortion is barred unless the mother’s life is in peril.

This is the law in Mississippi, Oklahoma, Louisiana, Montana, South Dakota, South Carolina, Tennessee, Ohio, Kentucky, Idaho, Pennsylvania, Missouri, New Hampshire and Arizona. Nineteen states have enacted some form of abortion restrictions. While most laws are being challenged, more are in the pipeline. And with a conservative Supreme Court at the ready, a woman’s right to choose, just like the right to vote, is being snatched away.


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