Now U Know: How America’s best companies recruit and retain top quality team members


Scott Dickmeyer

Scott Dickmeyer 

Help wanted signs are everywhere and a debate rages about why companies struggle to attract employees. Rather than entering that debate, I’m here to share some effective communication practices of Fortune’s 100 Best Companies to Work For in America. These companies experience low turnover by building deep and meaningful relationship with their team.

While they are well known for generous and varied benefits (free food, laundry services, nap/yoga/meditation facilities, and resort-worthy amenities), their communication practices, I believe, have a greater impact. For example, during the pandemic, which drastically changed how/where we work, 71% of the companies on the 2021 list saw increases in trustworthiness and employee experience scores.

After 23 years of studying best companies, I believe that they attract, hire, and retain high quality employees by building trust-based relationships. Getting back to the hiring challenge we currently face, I see traditional job interviews as akin to a blind date. As such, they are stressful, often frustrating, and ineffective. My students tell me that, generally, they have no idea who will be interviewing them, what they will be asked, and what the company wants in their hire. It’s not surprising that preparing for an interview is a struggle.

Best companies combat the “blind date dilemma” by providing a variety of resources, that when accessed, prepare potential team members for their job interview. Here are a few of the practices the make interviews more comfortable and increase the likelihood of an effective hiring process:


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