New CEO Coaching Program Equips Leaders for the Changing World of Work


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Healthy Growth program

This field-tested healthy growth process is aligned with the unique needs of today’s worker and the requirements for today’s leader.

Leaders must use a new healthy growth process. Pandemic hastens shift in worker needs for leaders to change their leadership style to cultivate business growth.

Leadership is a force multiplier when it comes to healthy growth.”

— Julie Davis-Colan, M.S.

DALLAS, TEXAS, USA, September 15, 2021 / — The current working environment has forced people to grow in ways they would have never imagined. Expansive research by Gallup clearly shows a shift in focus for today’s workers:

Past……………………………….. Today
My Paycheck………………. My Purpose
My Satisfaction…………… My Development
My Boss…………………………. My Coach
My Annual Review…….. My Ongoing Conversations
My Weaknesses………….. My Strengths
My Job…………………………… My Life

“These shifts in worker focus have existed for several years, but the COVID-19 pandemic accelerated them just as any crisis tends to accelerate existing trends,” said Lee J. Colan, Ph.D., a notable CEO coach and organizational psychologist. “A new, field-tested process cultivates what we call ‘Healthy Growth’ and prescribes how those with a CEO role should lead to address the unique needs of today’s worker. It’s a science-based approach that predictably yields healthy growth for executive leadership, the employees, and the business.”

“Leadership is a force multiplier when it comes to healthy growth – the more you invest in leadership, the greater your company’s returns,” said Julie Davis-Colan, M.S., a CEO coach and corporate health strategist. “The leader sets the vision and expectations for what The L Group calls the ‘5 Growth Factors.’ The result is healthy growth that is positive, strong, sustained, and serves all parties. The bottom line is: Healthy Leadership x 5 Growth Factors = Healthy Growth.

Healthy leadership is cultivated from the inside out, meaning business leaders must be their best before they get the best from their teams. It starts with an awareness and intentional use of your thoughts, words, and actions to get the best from yourself and others.”

Barry E. Davis, Chairman and CEO of EnLink Midstream, a Fortune 500 company, said, “We have successfully applied The L Group’s powerful tools and executive coaching for over 15 years to help drive our business growth and organizational engagement. This is a clear model with actionable tools, and we have integrated their thinking into our business, which has been an important factor in our ability to adapt and thrive in this environment.”

This Healthy Growth program is the first of its kind for coaching CEOs and organization leaders. It equips them to:
– Inspire focused work by creating a compelling purpose and plan
– Align the organization’s culture systems with desired team behaviors so employees feel seen and heard and are empowered to grow and contribute
– Coach daily and positively to help employees build upon their strengths
– Engage minds and hearts to fulfill employee needs so they realize their potential
– Facilitate excellent execution with focus and accountability for delivering results.

The Firm
The L Group is a firm of leadership advisors dedicated to Healthy Growth for the leader, the employees, and the business. The firm was co-founded in 1999 by CEO coaches Lee J. Colan, Ph.D. and Julie Davis-Colan, M.S., who both have extensive real-world experience with CEO coaching.

They equip and encourage clients to cultivate healthy growth with CEO coaching services, executive coaching, organizational consulting, and leadership development tools.

Together the co-founders have authored 15 effective CEO and leadership books that have been translated into nine languages including two best-sellers: Sticking to It and Engaging the Hearts and Minds of All Your Employees. They recently announced a 2022 release of a new book titled What’s Your Secret Sauce? A Timeless Recipe for Healthy Leadership.

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