Downtown Davenport coworking space has new ownership


COWORKQC owners Leslie Klipsch and Amy Sivertsen have sold their hip coworking space in the heart of downtown Davenport to Rena Gainey Associates.

The former owners (who founded the organization about five years ago) will work with Gainey to ensure a seamless transition for all members, stakeholders, and suppliers. Rena brings decades of experience in working virtually and remotely to the coworking space, Klipsch said Wednesday. With nearly 30 years of experience in a worldwide Fortune 500 company (Deere & Co.), Rena knows how important it is to have a healthy, creative, and innovative space to work, according to the COWORKQC release.

COWORKQC’s past and future celebrates — from left, Terra Huyten (daughter of Rena), Rena Gainey (new owner), Leslie Klipsch (co-founder and co-owner), Amy Sivertsen (co-founder and co-owner), and Kelly Hancock (past partner).

“As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, businesses throughout our region have restructured their physical environments and finances. In many cases, work has become more flexible and remote work has become more common,” Klipsch said.

The shared workspace and thriving coworking community is located at 102 E. 2nd Street in downtown Davenport. COWORKQC exists to encourage productivity in work and life for small business owners, nonprofits, remote workers, and freelance creatives. The company invests in its members and the community to help them be successful while providing a great place to be at work.

“We anticipate the continued success and energy that COWORKQC’s previous owners brought to the table leading to its success today, and will work to strengthen our partnerships with our members and our downtown Davenport community,” Gainey — most recently worked as John Deere’s manager of leadership development — said in the release.

“I’m beyond thrilled with visions for the future for workspace communities. This opportunity exceeds my expectations and excites us even more for what’s to come,” she said. Members will notice a fresh new energy in future options while still staying true to the original owners’ voice as a fun, authoritative expert on all things in collaborative workspaces.

For additional information contact Rena Gainey at or 563-343-8741. For more information COWORKQC, visit


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